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What is a lifestyle coach and what does it cover?

Gary Ousby is the only lifestyle coach in London. His unique and complete lifestyle coaching service covers the four cornerstones of human health: mental, emotional, nutritional & physical wellbeing.

These are the 4 building blocks of who you are as a human being. This is why Gary’s coaching has such a high success rate. One aspect is not complete without the others.

With over 24 years experience in the industry, Gary has pulled together all of his skills to ensure results. In the current climate, whilst the world is under attack from Covid-19, this is the only strategy that gives you the coping mechanisms you need. Lifestyle coaching will help you to create balance and peace of mind. We all need to be fit and healthy, but there has never been a more important time to take action. With Gary’s complete approach you will have all of the tools you need to cope with this pandemic. Physical Wellbeing Ltd is about helping you create a lifestyle that will have long term benefits, adding years to your life and life to your years.

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The Objectives
Let’s assess your health and emotional objectives. How long have these concerns been on your mind? If you have attempted to address them in the past, why did you fail and what will be different this time?
Your Commitment:
Together we will create a strategy that is realistic and you are comfortable with. We will set a time frame and evaluate your commitment level. Are you prepared to commit to success?
Remove Obstacles
We quantify every conceivable obstacle that has either stopped you before or may do so in the future. We strategize to create a plan where each obstacle is addressed and accounted for.
Your Accountability
We now put the complete plan together. At this stage we make sure you are completely committed and happy to take accountability for your actions. The plan will continue to hold you accountable.

The complete support system face to face online

As your Lifestyle Coach my job entails just that; to coach you through the challenges of life. As we unearth the problems that you face, we may feel the need to incorporate a doctor, physiotherapists, acupuncturist, nutritionist, or sports masseur. As your personal coach, my role is to assist you on your journey of improving your emotional & physical well-being. With my 24 years working at the very top of the wellness industry, I am connected to the very best in the field. Together we will help you achieve the balance you deserve.

Personal Coaching

Coaching creates an agreement of accountability, focusing on making progress and achieving your goals

Life Programs

Life programmes designed to improve your health and wellbeing with holistic approaches and continued support

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Self Development

Improving yourself through removing bad habits and forming a better lifestyle will be extremely rewarding


Having a coach who doesn’t judge you and allows you to grow at the right pace is essential to success

Daily challenges are more manageable with a better life balance:

1. Could you be suffering from mind fog simply because of a lack of sleep?
2. What if your nutrition plan is actually full of empty calories that leave you low on fuel?
3. Could your bouts of depression be reversible with a simple exercise plan and endorphin kick?
4. Are you continually low on energy because of a lack of supplementation?
5. Would you feel more at ease if you knew your immune system, heart and lungs were in optimal health?

What if everything looked more manageable and positive with a better life balance?
I have helped countless clients with some of the issues above.
With a combination of Nutritional/Physical & Emotional well-being, we bring the body into balance and create space for recovery and growth.

Weak Immune System

Strengthening immune systems for viral attacks. With the recent pandemic that has engulfed our society, a strong immune system has become fundamental.  I have decades of experience in this field.

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How To Succeed In Business

Whether you are running your own business or working for a company, we have created a course that will help you succeed.  This course will teach you how to create the working environment you deserve.  Learn how to get ahead of the competition and stay there.

London’s No1 Lifestyle Online Coach

Physical Wellbeing is the only complete lifestyle choice in London. We have a course or program that is designed to get you the results you’ve been searching for.

Assisting clients to help them either eradicate or reduce the severity of underlying health conditions.  I generally use natural remedies such as physiotherapy, homeopathy or hypnosis. The current pandemic has highlighted our vulnerabilities. We have personal responsibility to look after our bodies, now more than ever before. It has become clear that failure to do so leaves us in a dangerous position. Should I be struck down with a serious illness, I would like to know that I had done everything possible to give myself a fighting chance!

Assisting clients with health and nutritional goals. I am a DNA practitioner and a wellness coach.  My approach is always holistic – we will work together to understand your current priorities and the impact they have on your quality of life. My experience in this field covers underlying health problems ranging from cancer to sleep deprivation, diabetes to high blood pressure. Many of my clients have been able to drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for medication. This is all carried out under the supervision of a medical doctor.


I can assist a range of people requiring different support – for example from minor sports injuries to major surgery. Having a healthy body and mind can speed up recovery post-injury or post-surgery which is something I can assist you with. I have worked with a wide range of clients, from high level athletes to individuals with medical challenges.

Pain can be  debilitating not only physically, but mentally too.  My role here is to assist with the emotional and physical effects of long-term pain.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool for this, which I have experience with.  Together we will look at dietary habits and muscular imbalances to consider how to manage your pain better. I have experience with clients recovering from a range of operations/procedures, for example from childbirth to open heart surgery.

With all of my clients, I work to help realign the whole body. Injuries are often acquired when individuals are struggling with an underlying weakness. I work to help support and strengthen the body to prevent unnecessary injury. 

My experience in injury reduction ranges from work with professional athletes to desk-bound office workers. We will work together to reduce your chances of injury and improve your life and sport performance.

I have years of experience personal training at all levels of fitness, including Olympic gold medallists, people with disabilities/underlying health problems and individuals with no exercise experience. 

This service has been developed over years of experience of helping clients with distressing problems they face. 

Long-term abuse can wreak havoc on wellbeing. Mental health issues can cause people to spiral out of control, leaving them vulnerable and at risk.

People of all age groups who are stressed, lonely, isolated, misunderstood or struggling with a mental health issue can easily fall victim to self abuse (often through substance or alcohol abuse).

Physical Wellbeing Limited works with a team of highly experienced professionals in crisis management to support the individual back to help. We can also step in when family/friends are no longer able to manage and require professional help. 

If you have a problem or are trying to assist a loved one through a crisis, please contact me in the strictest of confidence.

This is a totally private and confidential service and an NDA is signed at the initial consultation. 

Try our DNA diet plan – start package! We are the only company to offer this service. – adiet made from taking a simple swab test of your DNA. We create a personalised diet which will be prepared for you and delivered to your door weekly.

The start package is five days a week for six weeks.

No two people are the same, which is why we put science at the forefront of our service. My scanners are able to build a picture of your wellbeing which is unparalleled in the industry. You’ll be supported every step of the way, and every piece of advice you receive will be tailor made to suit your individual needs.

I can help you with

1:1 Personal Coaching

Fitness & health has been a priority with the emergence of this pandemic. I will help you achieve it and keep you there.



Personal Development

Whatever your personal development needs are, we have a course for you. With our holistic approach, we have developed a strategy that will bring your life into perfect balance.

Life Style Programs

Physical Wellbeing has developed a Lifestyle program with you in mind. Join me on the path to self-discovery and let’s make the change permanent.

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Arabic Princess
This client was actually housed in a psychiatric hospital when I was introduced to her. I worked with her, the psyche team and her mother to assist her reintroduction into society. She had drug addiction and psychological issues to confront. I helped her improve her fitness/health/nutrition and emotional well-being.
Arabic Princess
market trader
I had to move into this clients house as his wife became fearful he might take his own life. His wife had to fly to L.A for an art show she was presenting. I lived with him for one month: together we created clear strategies whilst trading. I completely changed his diet and we exercised regularly coupled with hypnotherapy. We continued to work together for many years but that month was pivotal.
Oxford Graduate Entrepreneur and Market Trader
Indian Empire
This clients specialty was in a foreign law and he usually gave evidence in court on specialist matters. He had lost his wife in recent years and had also lost the will to live. We had months of bereavement counselling coupled with an exercise plan, eating plan and a dna diet test. Eventually with a more balanced lifestyle he found purpose in his life once again.
The professor
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These medical professionals wanted to have a child. The Dr had a serious medical condition that was sabotaging that. I helped her to initially lose weight. Change her whole eating plan and lifestyle. She was in a highly stressful career. I also built them a home gym so she could exercise in private at home. She eventually got pregnant and had a beautiful little girl.
The psychiatrist & Surgeon
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