We have all thought about getting guidance in the past, whether that be for fitness, nutrition or mental health. However, many of us will have failed to achieve our goals in the past, due to only focussing on one aspect of our health. As human beings, we require a holistic approach, to achieve long-term change.

In this program, I will begin by assessing your medical history. Once I have a clear understanding of this, I will discuss your dietary habits and lifestyle with you. We will explore what you have attempted in the past and why you believe it was unsuccessful. After all of this, I will have a greater understanding of you, and will put together a nutrition and fitness plan for you. We will also create strategies that will positively impact your emotional wellbeing.

You will have weekly contact with me, via WhatsApp, if you would like it. We will schedule weekly Zoom coaching sessions, during which we will review your progress. 

This program has been created post Covid-19. I understand the impact of the pandemic on individual’s financial situations, however, this is a vital time for us to prioritise our emotional and physical well-being. This is why I have made this program affordable, without compromising on quality.

This program is designed for those of you who want to make a commitment to long term change. If you are tired of repeating negative behaviours and want a fresh start, this is the course for you.

I will begin with an assessment of your medical history. This will be followed by a discussion about your current dietary habits and requirements. I will also discuss your emotional and physical wellbeing with you. It is important here to delve into your perception of your life and how you would like it to change. This will include considering your lifestyle, time management, family situation and potentially business and finance responsibilities. This will all help me create a plan that is personalised to you – a plan that is realistic and achievable.

We will communicate once a week via WhatsApp and Zoom. I will closely monitor your progress and assist you with any difficulties you face. With this program, we aim to get your life in balance and moving towards long-term change. 

With this program, I have taken into consideration the impact Covid-19 has had on us all – not just financially but also emotionally. We will create a lifestyle that helps you keep on top of your emotional and physical health.

This program is a no-expense spared course, delivering the industry best to guarantee success. I have high-end scientific options for you – my aim is to deliver the science that is given to high-level athletes, to the general public.

One example of this – you will have your own brand of multivitamins designed specifically for you. These are designed taking into consideration your DNA and your vitamin/mineral deficiencies – the laboratory will create a blend specifically for you.

Secondly, we will take a DNA test to find out which foods are beneficial to you and which you should avoid. After this test, we will measure your metabolic rate. All of this information will be used to create a diet plan for you – meals will be prepared for you and delivered weekly. 

We take all the guess work out and guarantee you results.

There are just two examples of what is possible with this program. This program is designed for those of you who want to create the best life for themselves, especially in regards to your health.

Intrigued? Contact me and we will discuss all of the options available in: The Platinum Experience by Design.

Price to be discussed on approval.

Let’s get your heart and lungs in optimal condition and boost your immune system.

This 3-part program will address any underlying health issues you might have. I aim to give you the best possible chance of fighting illness with this simple program. 

Breath-by-breath analysis:

This simply involves a 10-minute walking test on a treadmill. I will measure your heart and lung capacity with my breath analyser equipment. You will receive an instant readout and a 6-week plan to be followed from home. The plan will be designed specifically from your results and tailored to suit you.

DNA swab test:

This is a non-invasive swab test that will determine your health from a nutritional perspective. The swab will be sent to the laboratory for testing and results will be sent directly to your home address. This test will allow us to determine and vitamin/mineral deficiencies you have and any foods that are particularly beneficial/detrimental to you. A personalised 6-week nutrition plan will be developed for you by our PHD-qualified nutritionists. This will help you to find nutritional balance.

InBody Analysis:

The InBody analyser will be able to scan your body mass (muscle/fat/bone/metabolic rate). This will help us to determine the true state of your health from a muscular-skeletal perspective. It will also allow us to establish your obesity-score. We will then repeat the scan in 6-weeks time to monitor your progress from your fitness and nutritional plan.

This complete package is the perfect solution for improving your health. All the equipment used is medically approved. Each plan is designed specifically for you, suitable to your diagnosis. This program is sports science at its best!

This monthly package aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – get you moving. I will begin by assessing your medical history and dietary habits. We will also discuss how you have approached your health in the past and your availability. After gaining an understanding of all of this, I will put a plan together that will get you moving!

I will create a nutrition and exercise plan for you and check in with you on a monthly basis to monitor your progress. We will communicate via WhatsApp on a weekly basis and have a 1-1 coaching session once a month. I will be able to assist you with and problems you have and help you move forward.

This plan has been created post Covid-19. I understand the impact of the pandemic on individual’s financial situations, but I am passionate about assisting as many people as possible with their health. This is why I have created this affordable program.

This program is designed for those of you who want to get fit, lose weight and get motivated. I will discuss with you your goals and a time scale. 

I will need to understand your medical history and any physical restrictions you may have. We will also delve into your diet and assess its suitability for your goals. Together we will create a plan that is appropriate for you and your budget. 

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. This reduces travel time, allowing you to continue with your normal life around your fitness plan. You will receive my undivided attention during our sessions. 

I will teach you all the industry secrets – do you ever wonder how celebrities look so good? I can tell you!

I will create a program specifically for you that will improve your exercise technique, reducing your chance of injury. The plan will be designed strategically to allow you to achieve optimal results. Join me as I create for you, the perfect program for you to achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home.

Once you are experienced in your functional exercise program, you may feel you are comfortable to continue on your own.

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“Since I started training with Gary, I’ve been most surprised at how much more energy I have. I initially thought I would feel more tired and was concerned about how I would cope.”
Suzie Wong
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“I’m loving my new body and feel absolutely fantastic. I wish I had done this years ago.”
Mother of two
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“Getting up before work to do exercise was daunting, and has put me off looking for a trainer for years. I love being up at the crack of dawn now. I’m actually surprised at how much more energised I feel throughout the day. Once you get used to it, it’s easy.”
Geoff Ridesdale
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“I’m not a gym lover and avoided games, P.E. etc. when I was a kid. I absolutely love it now and I never thought I’d hear myself say that. I’ve had so many little niggles that have developed over the years (knees, back etc.) and have been surprised how they have all dissipated over time.”
Carla Butters
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“What I loved most about my training is the results obviously, but also the new hobbies it has brought into my life. I now do regular bike events and am hooked on hot yoga. I would never have found those hobbies if I hadn’t started with Physical Wellbeing.”
Script writer
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