Turn the Covid-19 crisis into a positive - let this pandemic be the motivation you need to change your life.

Most people have considered getting guidance in the past - whether it be for fitness, nutrition or mental health. However, many try, and ultimately fail. Human beings are complex creatures. In order to achieve sustainable change, we require a holistic approach that takes into consideration all aspects of our well-being and lifestyle. One-dimensional approaches simply will not bring about successful sustainable change.

Physical Wellbeing has one of the only truly holistic approaches in the health and wellbeing market in 2021. I will consider you as an entire being – health-wise and lifestyle-wise – using all directives to help you make real changes.

Following a regimented exercise plan will not be successful if your health is poor. Whilst counselling may help you in the short-term with your mental health, it cannot help you make sustainable change if other aspects of your life are poor – for example, a poor diet can lead to exhaustion and further metal health difficulties.

At PhysicalWellbeing, I take all of the above into consideration. I will unearth hidden clues and find the most appropriate solution for you. I will look at DNA, heart and lung health, nutrition, medical history and emotional wellbeing ensuring success for you.

This approach is based on honesty and logic, and it is guaranteed to get results. As mentioned above, prioritising yourself is incredibly important, especially in these times of trouble. However, the beauty of PhysicalWellbeing is that your success has positive impacts on others as well – those who are close to you will see the change you have made and feel inspired to start their own health journey.

Are you suffering from mind fog due to lack of sleep?

What if your nutrition plan is actually full of empty calories that are low in fuel?

Could your bouts of depression be reversible with an effective exercise plan and endorphin kick?

Are you continually low on energy because of a lack of  supplementation?

What if everything looked more manageable and positive with a better life balance?

Wouldn’t you feel more at ease if you knew your immune system, heart and lungs were in optimal health and virus proof?

All of the above can be solved with my holistic approach to health and wellbeing. My focus is on physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing. Under my guidance, multiple clients have been able to reduce or completely eradicate their use of pharmaceutical medication. Working alongside you, we will give you the best virus protection possible: optimal health and emotional balance.

Whilst I cannot say I have seen everything, I can assure you that I have witnessed and assisted with most health scenarios.

I will put a plan of action together that is right and personalised to your abilities. A plan that will get results, fast.

I will coach you through the challenges life throws at you until you are able to face times of difficulty alone, with a strong mental and physical base.

This is the moment to invest in you. There has never been a better time than now. The things that used to be only a possibility for the future, are now a priority. It is time for action and I am here to help you make that change. Let’s get started, today!


Let’s get your heart and lungs in optimal condition and boost your immune system.

This 3-part program will address any underlying health issues you might have. I will give you the best chance of fighting off any virus with this simple program.

Breath-by-breath analysis:

This is a simple 10-minute walking test on a treadmill during which I will measure your heart and lung capacity with my breath analyser equipment. You will receive an instant readout and a 6-week plan that you can follow at home. The plan will be derived from your results and tailored to you specifically in order to improve your heart and lung capacity.

DNA swab test:

This is an non-invasive swab test that will help determine your current health status based on your nutrition. The swab will be sent to the laboratory for testing and results will be send directly to your home address. This test determines vitamin/mineral deficiencies in your diet in addition to showing foods that are beneficial to you, and foods that you should be avoiding. A 6-week diet plan will be developed for you by our PHD qualified nutritionists. These plans will help to balance you from a nutritional perspective.

InBody Analysis:

The InBody analyser will be scan your body mass (muscle/fat/bone/metabolic rate). This will help us to determine the true state of your health from a muscular-skeletal perspective. From this, we will determine your obesity score. Repeat scans will be performed in 6 weeks in order to see how the personalised fitness and nutrition plan (as mentioned above) has impacted your health.

This package is the perfect answer to improving your physical health. All measuring equipment is medically approved. Each plan will be specific to you and your diagnosis. I believe that it is important to have an action plan in place after a diagnosis – this is sports science at its best.


Assisting clients to help them either eradicate or reduce the severity of underlying health conditions.  To do this, I prefer the use of natural remedies such as physiotherapy, homeopathy and hypnosis. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us aware of our vulnerabilities. It is our responsibility to look after ourselves, now more than ever before. It has become clear that failure to do so can make us at higher risk from serious illness. Should I be taken ill with an illness such as the coronavirus, I would like to know that I had done everything I could to give myself a fighting chance!

Assisting clients with health and nutritional goals. I am a DNA practitioner and a wellness coach. I take a holistic approach to health and nutrition, often using a process of elimination. Should you join me, we will work together to understand your priorities and how this affects your quality of life. 

I have a wide rage of experience with individuals with a range of problems – from cancer, to sleep deprivation, to diabetes and high blood pressure. In many cases, my clients have been able to come off medications they have taken long-term, or at the very least, reduce their reliance on medication. This is all carried out under the supervision of a medical doctor.


Assistance with recovering from physical problems can range from minor injuries to major surgery. I have vast experience in this area and the knowledge to assist you, whatever issue you may have. Physical and mental health can speed up recovery times drastically, whilst correct nutrition can also aid the process. I have worked with clients ranging from professional athletes to individuals with medical challenges.

Pain can be  debilitating not only physically, but mentally too.  My role here is to assist with the emotional as well as physical effects of continued pain.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool in this area that I have experience with.  We will also look at dietary choices and muscular imbalances. I have worked with clients pre and post-operation/procedure whether that be childbirth or open heart surgery.

I work to help clients realign their whole body.  Injuries are often picked up when you are struggling with an underlying weakness in an area of your body.  I help clients support and strengthen this area to avoid unnecessary injury.  My experience in this field ranges from work with professional athletes to a desk-bound accountant.  We work together through a process of elimination to reduce pain and make your life/sport more bearable.

I have years of experience personal training at all levels of fitness, including Gold medal Olympians, through to people with disabilities, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and people with no exercise experience.

10% body fat reduced in 6 weeks on this programme – backed by data.

Turn the clock back quickly with the ultimate weight loss programme designed to re-programme your DNA.

Do you have an event to attend that requires you to look your best? Is time ticking on, with no results coming? If yes, this is the programme for you.

This 6 week programme offers the highest level of science that the health industry has to offer.

The initial consultation reviews your current weight/fat, DNA, heart, lung function, toxicity levels and so much more, to determine a very specific scientific programme that is tailored just for you to get quick results, safely.

Physical Wellbeing Ltd is the only health organisation in the UK that offers this level of service. Using proven supplementation, we turn your DNA back by up to 20 years. Fat loss is quick, safe and real!

The nutrition meal plan is specific to your DNA results and proven to burn fat 2.5 times faster than a standard weight loss diet.

You need to act fast, call to book your consultation and get enrolled on the programme.

Are you lacking the energy you once had? Start a life balance strategy that will turn the clock back!

InBody Analysis:

Unique to Physical Wellbeing Ltd, you will be scanned on a fortnightly basis to determine your metabolic rate, bone density, muscle gain, fat loss, edema and much more. This will prescribe the correct nutrition and exercise plan for you, bringing you optimum results in record time.

Breath by Breath Analysis:

Your cardiac and lung function will be measured regularly to determine how to improve cardio/respiratory function. The results are backed up with a specially devised plan to improve and measure against.

DNA Swab test:

A DNA swab test is taken to determine the right training and nutritional plan for you. The results will tell us if you are gluten/wheat/alcohol/caffeine or salt sensitive. They will also determine if you have the fat gene and what vitamins/minerals you are lacking. The diagnosis provides a scientifically developed blend of supplements made specifically for you to balance you medically and bring you into optimal health.

Toxicity Screen:

Our toxicity screening for free radicals and toxins is followed up by supplementation to bring down levels to a healthy range.  Free radicals are poisons and can be a precursor to cancer. This test is extremely important and should not be dismissed by anyone over the age of 35.

DNA food delivery:

Your DNA results provide the roadmap for the correct diet plan for your DNA makeup.  Our selected food company makes up your meals which are delivered to your place of work or home on a weekly basis. It is simple – we do all the work to make the programme easy to follow.


We are the only health and wellness company in London who can provide you with a scientifically proven brand of supplementation that will reverse your genetic code, reprogramming you to perform as you did in your youth. This will give you numerous health benefits including fast weight loss, healthier skin/nails, improved vital organ function and improved energy.

If you are serious about improving your health and turning back the clock, our programmes are perfect for you.

Training Plans:

These are all scientifically created using the results and the health data to give you a safe  formula for optimal results in record time. There is no programme like it! Developed to get you feeling up to 20 years younger with unlimited energy and stamina.

Subconscious Mind Coaching:

Once you discover how to align the conscious and the subconscious mind, you have the power to remove traits that no longer serve you or are detrimental to the success of your health/wellness programme.

This may include obsessive or compulsive behaviour, lack of self-esteem, over eating or drinking more than the weekly recommended safe levels of alcohol.

Urban Conditioning is unique to Physical Wellbeing Ltd. We have listened to clients for years and watched closely as the London culture has become dangerously fast paced as it races to keep up with economy/global demands. People are regularly working 12-hour days, including weekends – not to mention travel time and corporate entertainment events. As workloads grow heavier, diets have become worse, sleep has become depleted, and let’s not even mention alcohol consumption. Gary has developed Urban Conditioning for this reason.

Improves: mental alertness/heart and lung function/sleep/energy/concentration/mood/lean muscle mass/metabolic rate/digestion/elasticity/strength/body image/focus/immune system and all over general wellbeing.

Decreases: muscle pain/joint-pain/blood pressure/toxicity/pressure/lethargy/cholesterol.

Please send us a short description of what it is you are hoping to improve and your circumstances. We will come back to you and develop a plan that helps you to rebalance your life.

Our cars have regular checks and services to keep them running efficiently.  We use only premium fuel, keep the water tank topped up and keep an eye out for any signals or alerts to make sure our machines are running efficiently.

We are programmed to look after and maintain our cars because we do not want them to breakdown. Why do we not do the same for our bodies? We rely on our bodies to keep going, past breaking point, without identifying ad solving problems. 

It is only when the media covers topics on cancer or a well-known celebrity is diagnosed by a nasty disease, that we cast our thoughts to how we treat our bodies.  However, these thoughts are often swept under the carpet, as we continue to assume, or hope that we will be OK – we choose to believe that a couple of glasses of wine in the evening won’t hurt us, or that stress is a normal part of life that can’t affect our wellbeing. We choose to believe that an occasional walk will help us keep in shape, all the while, warning signs start to creep in. We begin to carry excess weight, experience headaches, become out of breath when climbing the stairs, struggle with aches and pains. But still, we often do nothing.

The Body MOT Service is designed to keep your health in check, by giving you the knowledge about your body to deal with any issues before it turns into a series health problem. 

The MOT Service is carried out twice a year as a matter of priority to your health. We cover:

InBody Analysis:

Unique to Physical Wellbeing Ltd, you will be scanned to determine metabolic rate, bone density, muscle gain, fat loss, edema and much more.

Breath by Breath Analysis:

Your cardiac and lung function will be tested.

DNA Swab test:

We will take a quick DNA swab test to determine the right training and nutritional plan for you.

Toxicity Screen:

We will screen you for free radicals and toxins.


If anything serious needs investigating we have a team of specialist practitioners – the very best in the industry – who work at the highest level in the UK on hand.

The Body MOT service is for those of you who want to know what is happening with their health, designed to give peace of mind.  Between each BMS we ask that you work with us to keep your health in check with our programmes.

Have you ever watched a makeover programme and imagined what you would look like if you were given a total makeover?

Our makeover service is for clients going through the process of lifestyle change that comes with any of my metamorphic programmes.

I have been helping people to improve their health and fitness for many years and, organically, my services have evolved into offering counselling, advice and, more recently, the makeover – the ultimate step to becoming the new you.

I’m a specialist in health and fitness but I also have an extraordinary eye for style. I have worked alongside some amazingly wealthy and talented artists/ professionals, learning what money can buy and how people transform from couch potatoes to superstars in as little as a few weeks for a red carpet event. I am well equipped to turn you around quickly, so you are turning heads.

My red carpet secrets will provide you with the ultimate makeover.  I will evaluate your self-image to get an understanding of how you see yourself and how others see you, before I start the process of the makeover.

Together we will embark on an incredible journey to develop your confidence and self-belief. We will tackle the emotions and the challenges of your image.  This includes your hair and skin – you’ll already be on an improved diet and nutritional programme assisting you in this process.  I have a team of leading dentists to give you that confident smile you always dreamed of. I have a highly skilled makeup artist and a skin colour palette service so you can confidently wear colours that suit your tone of skin.  Finally, I will personally shop with you for a new wardrobe of clothes for every occasion, in the finest world-class fashion empires.

You will feel like a totally new person, brimming with confidence in your up-to-date, style-conscious apparel.

This is a totally confidential service for those who really want to make a total transformation in their professional or social scene and is only available after consultation.  For more information on setting up a consultation, please call in or email your contact details here.

This service has been developed over years of dealing with clients who are dealing with a distressing personal situation.

Long term abuse can play havoc on wellbeing and individuals who feel their lives have spiralled out of control are left vulnerable and at risk. 

People of all age groups who are stressed, lonely, isolated, misunderstood or living with a mental health illness can easily fall victim to self-harm (often with substance or alcohol abuse). 

Physical Wellbeing Limited work with a team of highly experienced professionals in crisis management to support the individual back to health and to take over when family or friends can no longer manage the problem alone, seeking professional help.

Should you have an issue or you are trying to cope with someone who needs a psychological and physical assessment, please contact me in the strictest of confidence. 

This is a totally private and confidential service and a NDA is signed at the initial consultation. 

Try our DNA diet plan!  We are the only company to offer this service. A diet made from taking a simple swab test of your DNA to create your very own personal diet delivered and prepared for you on a weekly basis.

The start package is five days a week for six weeks.

Try our DNA diet plan Advanced.  We are the only company to offer this service. A diet made from taking a simple swab test of your DNA to create your very own personal diet delivered and prepared for you on a weekly basis.

The advanced package is seven days a week for six weeks.

This service has been developed over years of working with Premiership footballers and members of the England squad who are not performing at their best.

Players can have any number of distractions that will affect their performance. For example, relocation to a new club and culture can be challenging and unsettling. If you’re injured and being side-lined, your mindset can work against you and without the right support you may struggle to recover quickly.

Creating the right image within the industry is not simple and takes hard work. Your ethos and work ethic is constantly being monitored and, without foresight, you can find yourself slipping out of the first eleven. I’ll show you how to get there and stay there!

I provide a totally confidential support system outside of the club environment, keeping your personal circumstances private.

The programme includes subconscious mind coaching – giving you mental focus and clarity by removing inhibitions or emotional blocks – resulting in better play, increasing your chance of selection for top teams, subsequently increasing your earning power. 

Contact me to book a private consultation.

No two people are the same, which is why we put science at the forefront of our service. My scanners are able to build a picture of your wellbeing which is unparalleled in the industry. You’ll be supported every step of the way, and every piece of advice you receive will be tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

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