Making LongTerm Change

This 12-week program has been designed to help you make long term change. You will have contact and support throughout each step of your journey. Simply download the app, and the program begins. I will assess your nutritional-emotional & physical well-being. I will then create a plan that is unique to your needs and capabilities. You will receive a weekly exercise and nutrition plan. Exercise plans will be accompanied by video tutorials to encourage correct form and reduce the risk of injury. I will track all your results and guide you when needed. Lifestyle Coaching (via zoom) will continue every week and you will also have the live help facility for questions and support. Join our Facebook group and communicate with the PW Lifestyle Family. You will also receive a 20% discount on all Physical Wellbeing Ltd-Nuskin products from our shop. Press the link below and discover how the “Making long term change program” can make a difference in your life.


Access to both on-screen and playback streaming and downloadable files for every workout. Take your workouts with you, wherever you go.

12 weeks training plan that has been scientifically developed to obtain safe/fast results. We will keep you motivated and share your successes with you.

Workout Calendar so you know what expect everything step of the way. You choose the when and the where and we show you the how and why.

Lifestyle Coaching will always play a part in your plan. Who are you, how did you get where you are and what are we going to do different this time.

Exercise videos and training plans that allows you the flexibility to train on your terms on, your time.

Result tracking so you can regularly track your progress and manage your time effectively.

Smart goal setting list checklist to help you set your goals and achieve them.

Instant access to our Facebook group. Join the PW Lifestyle family as you are supported and motivated, by like-minded people.

Habit checking so we can address habits and manage them continually. After a time the new habits take their place and the old ones become a distant memory.


PW 12 Week Nutrition Guide makes making the right choices easy. Your food plan will be designed specifically for you.
You will receive easy to follow recipes, that will teach you simple and effective ways to eat well/stay healthy. You will be able to share your food choices via a direct link, so we can track your progress. We can also track your progress via my fitness pal or any other device you may use.


PW Lifestyle app brings you the best training plan in the industry. These plans have sports science as there guide. We deliver a unique plan for you that will move at a pace you are comfortable with. These programs have been meticulously designed to make sure you are successful. With over 24 years in the wellness industry, I know what works. That experience is the foundation of your plan. A plan designed to get you moving and keep you there.


PW Lifestyle app: Lifestyle Coaching, this is where we are different. All plans will involve some form of Lifestyle Coaching. We want to know who you are, what have you tried in the past, why did it fail and what are we going to do differently this time. We will book in face time sessions, live chat and we also have our very own Facebook, PW Lifestyle group. You will receive weekly Coaching emails and can also email directly from your app. You can send me video footage of your recent workout or meal choice. We strive to make sure you continually get the support you need to achieve success. If a Lifestyle Coaching session is missed, we will continue the following week.

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