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Gary Ousby - Accredited Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Counsellor - Highly Trained & Qualified - Trusted by Doctors and Mental health Specialists - Renowned by celebrities and sporting professionals - 5 Star reviews on Google & Trustpilot *****
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Covid 19 Virus Management

Covid 19 is the motivation you’ve needed. Let’s turn a negative into a positive
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Health and Lifestyle Coach in London & the UK

Finally get the results you’ve been searching for with:
The Complete Lifestyle Coaching System

Get a Healthy Balance and Achieve Contentment in Your Life – I have spent the last twenty years transforming the health of some of the country’s brightest CEO’s, directors, athletes and showbiz personalities.

This is the moment to invest in you. Covid-19 is a life-changing event that could be used as the greatest motivator to create change in your life. Things that used to be simply a possibility are now priorities. It is time to take control and act – I am here to help you put a plan into place. Lets make that change, together, today.

Our experiences in life are driven by our thoughts.

Our health is directly influenced by the food that we eat.

We only get one body, it is vital that you take care of it.

Statement from Gary:

This website has been created post Covid-19. I want to assist as many people as I can after this pandemic. We have been attacked globally by this virus and so many of us have lost along the way. We are such a strong race when called upon and we are known for our survival instincts. We will come back from this a little smarter and a whole lot wiser. I want to play a part in that. My aim in my life/ time is to raise the vibration of as many people as I can. I consider that a life worth living and one to be proud of.

We are such a complex species to understand and that is exactly what you will need to achieve to assist someone in lifestyle change: UNDERSTAND. Who are you, How did you get here, Where is it you feel you SHOULD BE and how are we going to get you there. This a a simplified account of how I work. The best laid plans need to be accurate and realistic. You have to be comfortable with the programme or it will never work. Communication is fundamental to our success, so we will take regular opportunities to reflect on direction and progress. I am a naturally empathetic person and I’m passionate about everyone deserving the right to be happy. To live a balanced and rewarding life. I am also passionate about us as a race and the planet that we live on. I have a very high success rate for a reason, passion for life. If you are prepared to meet me half way, then I will guarantee you results.

Contact me and let’s simply have a chat. I have introduced a Free 15min introduction consultation to give us an opportunity to connect and discuss your position. That way we both get an opportunity to see if we are a good fit. I look forward to speaking with you.

Gary Ousby

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Years of

Qualified & Registered

Accredited Hypnotherapy & Counselling (CERT.HYP.CS) 601/2244/4: Accredited by St Mary’s University London

COVID-19: Helping Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression Accredited by University of Reading

Causes of Human Disease; Transmitting and Fighting Infection: Accredited by Leeds University

Caring for people with psychosis & schizophrenia
Accredited by Kings College London

Disordered eating in athletes
Accredited by Loughborough University

DNA Practitioner Sports Science & Nutrition: Accredited by DNA Fit Laboratories

Master Personal Trainer: Accredited by American College of Sports Medicine

Master Lifestyle Fitness Coach: Accredited by John Spencer Ellis Institute

InBody Analysis Practitioner: Accredited by BioSpace Life Science Institute

Athletes Sports & Nutritional Analysis: Accredited by  Sports Dimensions Academy



Client List

Sebastian McDonald Hall
Director Evolve Estates

Casper McDonald Hall
Owner London & Cambridge properties

Sukhpal Singh Aluwalia
Founder & Chairman Dominvs Group
Executive Chairman Euro-Car parts

Lady Margaret Joan Jarvis
CBE Jarvis Group

Rabi Doctor Abraham Levy
OBE PHD Emeritus Spiritual Head of Spanish & Portuguese Congregation

Prince Zayed Moyeen
Director Far East Knitting & Dyeing Ltd

Princess Fadiah Khan
Director Summit Group Technopolis Ltd

Moni Varma CEO & Founder
VeTee Rice Group

Satish Chatwani
Founder & Director Kanta Enterprises Ltd




Living a healthy, happy life is something we all want to achieve, but what does it mean to live healthily? Most of us do not know. 

You might have tried everything possible like meditation, therapy and yoga, but you have not quite reached there.

Well, you need a person who can guide you and mentor you to find success, satisfaction, and a healthy living. Just like a sports coach who drives the athletes to reap success in sports, you need a lifestyle coach to sculpt your inner strength and who can see your potential helping you achieve what you want. 

The good news is that Gary Ousby is here to help. Accredited healthy lifestyle coach and counsellor in London, have 24 years of experience transforming the health of some of the country’s brightest CEO’s, Olympic gold medalists, billionaires, medical professionals, directors, showbiz personalities and individuals. He coaches the mindset of people to build complete well-being through a structured system that is result-oriented.

Hire a lifestyle coach today and see how he will help to improve your physical wellbeing.




As a professional lifestyle coach in London, I have worked with various people from all walks of life, and I understand how difficult it is to take those first steps towards a change. You will have my full support to help you succeed in your journey to physical wellbeing.


For your physical wellbeing, it is essential you know your body needs and wants. As an experienced lifestyle coach, I analyse and provide you with the knowledge and educate you to make changes, so you are confident about yourself.

Inclusive and Appropriate

My approach to lifestyle coaching is inclusive and appropriate. With me, you will receive grounded, non-judgmental, confidential, authentic and culturally competent coaching experience. Together, we will find and usher your life in new direction.

Increased Quality of Life

I have a structured system for physical wellbeing that is adaptable, time-tested and result-oriented to help reduce the symptoms of chronic and acute conditions offering the increased quality of life that you always desired.

Bespoke Approach

I offer completely tailored plans that are based on the extensive interview that takes place in our first session. During the consultation, I get to know you, your needs and experiences, your family history and your current lifestyle. This helps me create a bespoke treatment plan.

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Life can be tough with so many challenges and hardships. You are on the brink of burning out from doing more than you can fit in each day, you feel stuck in a rut, your diet, sleep pattern and self-care routine have fallen haywire. You are not alone. 

Whatever issue you are facing in your life, I can help you to be optimistic and resilient in achieving your dreams. 

My coaching program is holistic and created from a place of empathy and knowledge for the situation you are in right now. I know what you are going through, and I am here to change that and unlock your potential towards a life that is more balanced and joyful. 

Together we will untangle the tangled chain in your mind and add some beautiful charms to it. 

Trusted Celebrity Testimonials

Powerful Results

Matin Kemp

“Gary is the only Wellness Coach in London that I use when I need to look good for a role in a movie. His results are guaranteed every time.”– Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp
English actor
Faye Tozer

“I trained with Gary before a tour with Steps. There were a lot of dance routines and I wanted the right kind of energy/shape. Gary really seemed to understand what I needed and I was really pleased with the results. He also gave me some great routines to do while I was away. A really top trainer. 5*. “ – Faye Tozer

Faye Tozer
English singer-songwriter, dancer and stage actress
Audley Harrison

“I met Gary not long after I won an Olympic Gold medal for the heavyweight boxing division. His training was really unique and focused quite a bit on balance/agility/explosive power. I really enjoyed the training and felt the benefit from what we did. I can highly recommend it to any athlete!”– – Audley Harrison

Audley Harrison
Olympic Gold Medallist & Professional Boxer
Tristan Tunstall

“As a professional downhill mountain bike competitor, it is essential that I achieve and maintain peak physical and mental condition throughout the season. Gary is both scientific and dynamic, and keeps me on top of my game.”– Tristan Tunstall

Tristan Tunstall
Professional Mountain Bike Competitor
mark ramprakash

“As a professional cricketer, it is important for me to stay in peak physical condition. I always use Gary’s coaching programme as a kick start to getting in shape for the new season.”– Mark Ramprakash

Mark Ramprakash
Professional Cricketer
Tim Death

“As the England football team’s chef and nutritionist, I have worked with Gary on various projects over the years. He has a unique and professional approach, and always seems to find a way to achieve the desired results. I can highly recommend him if you are looking for a Wellness Coach in London.”– Tim De’Ath

Tim De’Ath
England Football Team’s Chef/Nutritionist
Robert Shannon

“I first used Gary as a coach in 2004, when he helped me get in shape for Colosseum, a movie in which I played the lead role as a gladiator. I not only had to look good but I had to be very fit for the fight scenes in this role. Gary got me in the best shape of my life and remains a dear friend.”– Robert Shannon

Robert Shannon

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Physical Wellbeing Ltd has 24 years experience in the wellness industry. We cover all the bases and give you the best chance for success. We will achieve results where others have failed and help you live the life you deserve.

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Becky Gonzales
Becky Gonzales
Highly Recommended I am a carer and have been for the last 5 years. I look after a family member, it’s not my career. At times I have found it very difficult and lonely. Gary has really helped me in so many ways. I now have help with my caring through Gary’s guidance and it has given me time for me. I walk most days and have gradually improved my diet. My life is still challenging, but I now feel I have some order to it. Gary is such a nice guy and he has really helped to add balance to my life.
Leigh Hayes
Leigh Hayes
Awesome experience I don’t usually write reviews, but felt compelled to put something down in writing about my experience with Lifestyle Coaching. I have seen lots of different therapists over years, for various different reasons. I have had moments of success but not as many as I’d of liked. I really liked Gary’s holistic approach to wellness. I was pleasantly surprised after speaking with Gary in my initial consultation. He really seemed to listen and by the end of the call we had a solid plan. Over a 3 month period Gary put the plan into action seamlessly. At no point did I feel overwhelmed (as I had done in the past). I’m not saying it was easy, as we covered a lot. I will say it got easier as time went on and and I was really motivated by the results. I liked the way Gary would switch it up if I was getting disillusioned. This combination of diet/nutrition/exercise seems so obvious but is remarkably effective. I highly recommend Gary’s coaching to anyone who is needing a more balanced and productive life.
Dorothy Sutton
Dorothy Sutton
Superb results I found Covid-19 continual lockdowns, very hard. Never knowing what we are going to be doing, from one month to the next, was confusing. I lost my job on top of that, at the close of 2020. I found myself getting more and more depressed. I sought Gary’s help at the beginning of this year 2021. He has been a genuine lifesaver to me. He helped me with my diet, poor sleeping and depression. The difference in my outlook and mood is remarkable. I feel optimistic now and I’m focusing on looking for new employment. Gary has also been a great help in that department and has even encouraged me to broaden my search. I’m excited about the future and I will continue using Gary’s services. Gary is a great motivator and a very kind man.
Yvette Becker
Yvette Becker
Love it I met Gary at the beginning of 2020, initially to help me lose some weight and work related issues. Well I think we all know what a year that was. I really think I couldn’t of survived Covid 19 lockdowns without Gary’s help. He really has been brilliant and has helped me so much. I feel a lot better in myself knowing that my health is now in a good place. These are very uncertain times and maybe it has never been more relevant (a Gary Ousby line) that “Your health is your wealth”.
Pearl Parks
Pearl Parks
Great I contracted Covid-19 at the end of 2020. The virus is real I can assure you and terribly debilitating. I have never been so scared, in my life. I was in hospital for one week and at times wondered if I’d ever leave. I was determined to take better care of myself if I did. I found Physical Wellbeing online and was immediately impressed with there services. I booked myself Gary’s Covid-19 program. I was attracted to the fact they measure your heart and lungs and provide you with a program to improve them. They also test your DNA for food intolerances and vitamin deficiency. I have been on the programme for 3 weeks now and I’m already feeling the effects. I’m also having lifestyle coaching every two weeks. My confidence was shattered after the virus and Gary’s helped has been a invaluable.
Jeanette Newton
Jeanette Newton
Awesome Physical Wellbeing is a great company. I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and Gary beats them all hands down. His attention to detail is second to none and the results speak for themselves. I have a girlfriend who now joins me for some sessions. We have a lot of fun with it and we are both enjoying the results. I was a little put off by having to use an app initially (as I’m a techno-fobe) but I found it easy to use. I highly recommend this company.
Wendy Maxwell
Wendy Maxwell
Great results I have been using Gary’s services for almost three years. I find Lifestyle Coaching invaluable in my life. I have a much better handle on my life. I have slowly but surely made some key changes in my personal life (job change, house change, divorce). Having Gary’s help through these challenges has made all the difference.
Nancy Parks
Nancy Parks
Fantastic Experience I have just finished two months of Lifestyle Coaching. I did it with my partner as we both have similar goals. It was a fantastic experience and has brought us so much closer together. We developed a system through Gary’s guidance and it has helped with our communication. I have booked up for some PT with Gary and I’m super impressed with his app. I’m receiving daily tasks and feel very supported. I have absolute confidence I will have my summer beach body. I am just wondering if I’ll see the beach in 2021.
Christie Moran
Christie Moran
I was introduced to Gary by a friend of mine. They had nothing but good things to say about him and i could see the positive effect he was having on him. I started with a consultation that led me to be directed to a Physical Wellbeing course. It was the perfect choice for me. I liked the way the course was adjusted to my circumstances. I did gain a lot from the experience and will be doing another this summer. Fascinating guy, great course highly recommended.
Wilma Evans
Wilma Evans
Highly Impressed I spent 3 months in 2020 working with Gary. I was impressed with his company and the results I achieved. I received daily schedules regarding food and exercise. I shared what I was eating through his and he was able to track my progress easily and make adjustments when needed. I am a bit of a software geek and I was really impressed with this app. It was very user friendly and made me feel constantly supported.
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