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I can help you to lose weight and keep it off permanently using hypnotherapy/diet and exercise prescription.  I have the complete package because of my sports science background to assist you with your body transformation, achieving permanent results. As a weight loss expert in London I am a member of the NHS and have been using Hypnotherapy/NLP, Sports Science, and Life Coaching with my clients with remarkable success for almost twenty years.

I will scan you with the InBody Analyser to find out accurate body composition (as opposed to using inaccurate calculations based on BMI).  I will monitor you on a regular basis to gauge how effective the programme is for you, as you are unique and one shoe certainly does not fit all.

A successful weight loss programme needs constant support, assisting you when you are finding things more of a challenge.  We will make realistic changes over time that will eventually lead to a complete and positive lifestyle change that will leave you feeling revitalised and enthused with life (throw those black baggies in the bin).

I can hear you say “but I hate exercise” I promise you I will find ways to make it fun and entertaining, to the point that you will say to me “I never thought I’d say this, but I have felt sluggish since I haven’t trained”  “I’ve actually missed it!”.

It’s the trade off that you will miss, feeling energised, uplifted, pain free and confident.  The transitions I have seen over the years are remarkable and it’s what keeps me in the business. People climb mountains, run marathons even change husbands (whoops!).

Looking for a Weight Loss Expert London? Call me today and will be happy to tell you more in person and reaffirm to you why I am so confident I can help you reach your long awaited destiny.

Obesity the Facts

Our body’s storage mechanism has not yet caught up with modern existence the western world, where food is readily available for the majority of us.  If we take in more calories than we need our body converts the excess to fat so that we have a store should we fall into a period of starvation or famine. As this is unlikely to occur in our society, the body is more likely to be storing than using its reserves and so the reserves get bigger and bigger. An excess of 100 extra calories a day (a banana) per month is 3,000 and per year is 36,000, x that by 5 years is 180,000 calories and that is how you can find yourself in a position where you are obese and can’t work out why.

Obesity causes around 30,000 deaths in England a year and is only beaten by smoking.  Two thirds of adults in this country are overweight and of these 22% of men 23% of women fall into the category of obese.  This indicates that they are at least two or three stone overweight and their excess weight is putting their health at risks of several conditions including diabetes, heart condition, stroke, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, gallstones, infertility and depression.  Obesity often goes hand in hand with sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and is proven to contribute to cancer of the colon, breast, kidney and stomach. An experienced weight loss expert in London such as myself can help combat obesity fast.


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