The process

In Body Analysis:

This scan provides all the facts to establish your current state of health and wellbeing, giving us a road map to work with.

Breath by Breath Analysis:

We look at your cardio and lung function to establish your true age, with the knowledge that we can turn the clock back if we need to.

DNA Swab Test:

Find out the truth about your genetics, your deficiencies and discover if you have the fat gene. This remarkable test uncovers so much knowledge and evidence to work with.

Toxicity Screening:

Testing for your toxicity levels and free radical range to resolve and prevent the risk of deadly diseases like cancer.

DNA Food delivery:

Once we know what your DNA makeup is we can devise a food plan that will provide safe and quick results for your weight loss or health plan.  Our supplier delivers to you weekly.


Our unique brand of supplementation delivers outstanding results that can work with your DNA to turn the clock back. We are proud to be the only health wellness company in the UK providing this service.

Training plans:

Our scientifically crafted fitness training plan is specific to your DNA and results to produce the optimum level of fitness and health benefits in a record time.

Subconscious Mind Coaching:

Remove obsessive or compulsive behaviour that can hinder or sabotage your health programme results.