Testimonials – health and lifestyle coaching services

Silvia Armari

“I am a mother of four and have always been very passionate about my fitness and appearance. I am Italian and maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I have always taken pride in looking my best. I have trained with many different trainers over the years and consider myself well versed in the gym arena. I wanted to train with someone this year and was on the lookout for someone a little special. I had some goals I wanted to achieve and wanted to work with someone who really knew what they were doing.

Gary’s name came up several times, and seemed to be very highly regarded in his industry. We spoke on the phone and I was instantly struck by his warmth and knowledge. I don’t suffer fools lightly and know quite a bit about exercise/nutrition, so I gave him the Spanish Inquisition, and I could tell he really knew his stuff. He has a very personal, common sense approach and really seemed to understand what I wanted.

I met him for an InBody Scan (very impressive) and we talked more about what I wanted and ways we would go about achieving it. I was also impressed by the results he was able to show he had achieved recently and how quickly he had achieved them. I found the science fascinating.

The training was nothing like I had ever seen and I found it very challenging, not only mentally but physically. I was and have been hooked ever since. I also like his stretching programme that he does you can really feel the muscles lengthening. A word of warning if you train with a trainer and your knees and back are sore, that is not supposed to happen. With Gary, these things just don’t arise, and if you have these as problem areas, they will subside.

Gary can’t really be described as a trainer. He is someone who has a real gift for getting the best out of people and I thoroughly recommend his services.– Silvia Armari 

Dr Anish Patel, Cosmetic Reconstructive Dental Surgeon

Dr Anish PatelI first saw an article about Gary Ousby in a magazine. I was intrigued by the attention that he paid to detail and the science he incorporated into his training plans. This was very different from what I’d come to expect from a personal trainer, and was more what you would expect from a sports scientist/athletics coach. I had been meaning to do something about my increasing weight for some time, but wanted to get on top of the situation once and for all. After studying to become a dentist, I had worked straight away, eventually opening my own surgery, whilst also studying for cosmetic reconstructive surgery at UCLA to further my career. I have always been ambitious and continually strive to achieve the best I can. I had the same attitude when finding a trainer. I wanted someone really good, as I wanted to get the best results possible. With an already incredibly busy schedule, I knew that the time I would have to find to commit to exercise would be precious and I didn’t want it wasted. I knew some people who had used Gary’s services for many years and I was impressed by what they had to say about him.

I eventually made the call and made an appointment to see him. I had an InBody scan and it was a bit of a reality check to hear what my fat levels were and the other information. That was all the motivation I needed, and I booked in there and then for a three-month programme. At first, I found the exercise very tiring and the change of diet, although easy to follow, was a challenge. After a while, I started to become energised by it and really enjoyed the food. He progressed me at a steady pace and eventually joined me on the sessions. Gary felt he needed to show me that what he was asking of me was doable, so trained with me for inspiration (it worked). I had a secret motivation in the back of my head and brought Gary in as we got closer. We stepped things up towards the end and the results were amazing. I am no stranger to the concept, you get out what you put in!

I am still in contact with Gary and have still kept in really good shape. I feel that I have learnt a lot from training at that level and I now understand what it takes and what I am capable of. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, and learn how to maintain it, then there really is no one else you need to consider…– Dr Anish Patel

Anita, Dance Teacher

Anita“Gary Ousby was recommended to me by a family friend. He has looked after their family for a decade and they could not speak about him highly enough. To put it mildly, I am not a lover of the gym and took my time to actually make the call. I just had an opinion about trainers being all muscle, no brains, and people that liked to shout a lot.

Although I was assured Gary was none of the above, I was still skeptical. I had got to a point in my life where I, and I quote ‘Now need to work for what I once got for free’; Gary’s words. I eventually phoned and was pleased to hear how warm and calm he appeared. I went along for a consultation, without any nerves at all. Well, not many! I can’t begin to tell you the impact that first meeting had on me. This guy got me like no one else I had met before. He really listens to you and it was clear that this was no ordinary trainer, as his approach was more about you as a person.

Needless to say, I signed up there and then and was very glad I did. I raved about him all weekend and was very excited to get started. My brother went along to see Gary the following week and the rest of the family would follow shortly. He came to our home and designed a home gym for us, which was key. He went through the family one by one, looking at improvements in diet, nutrition etc., and sprinkled his magic over everyone. My father is a doctor so, needless to say, he knows his stuff, but he was equally impressed.

Gary completely changed our lives and is a very dear friend to all of us. I can’t recommend his services enough and find it very difficult to put into a few paragraphs what he actually does. He just seems to have a remarkable gift of understanding people and assisting them in making long overdue changes. Gary comes highly recommended by all of us and I would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about his services and the impact he made on all of our lives.– Anita 

Ingrid, Vivienne Westwood Model

photo4“The industry that I am in forces me to look my best at all times; it’s part of the job requirement. Its’s been well documented that models don’t always have the healthiest diets/lifestyles. I like to keep myself healthy and fit, and as I have got a little older, have taken my exercise and nutrition a lot more seriously. I have worked with several people to attain this, but needed to look no further after meeting Gary. I had become a little frustrated with other trainers I had worked with, as I never felt they offered a complete service. I cannot afford to develop bulky muscle mass, so was pleased when another model recommended Gary’s services. There is also a lot of pressure in my industry and Gary’s holistic approach really appealed to me.

I have never trained the way Gary trains and found it fascinating, and the results were amazing. He regularly scans you to see what effect his training is having on your body, and makes the necessary changes when needed. I also found the food delivery to be perfect for me. The food is tasty and freshly made daily. Delivered to your door first thing every morning, it’s impossible to fail. He also listens to you as an individual and seems to really understand his clients (an opinion shared by many).

What sticks out about Gary most is his passion for what he does. His results speak for themself and it is clear that he practices what he preaches. I can’t recommend his services enough. If you have had enough of the fads and are looking for someone to help reach your goals and maintain them then Gary Ousby is as good as it gets
– Ingrid 

Esin, Fitness Model

photo3“I have known Gary professionally for 3 years and have been a model/trainer for 7 years. I met Gary at a convention and we got talking about training methods/nutrition etc. I confided in Gary that I had some really stubborn fat that I had always found difficult to shed and he said he thought he could help. I am from Turkey and am naturally a pear-shaped girl. I was preparing for a bikini competition and wanted to look my best. Gary impressed me with his knowledge and had an easy way about him that puts you at ease and gives you confidence.

I visited Gary for an InBody scan and was really fascinated by the information he gained from the machine. He listened intently to what I had been doing, training and diet wise. He gently pulled it to pieces, without making me feel stupid, and gave me a completely different direction. He also directed me on incredible supplements I had never heard of, and put a very precise plan in place. I know what I’m doing, so after we had done several sessions together, I then continued on my own.

The results were amazing and I was so happy. For one reason or another, I didn’t enter the competition, but my modelling work increased greatly and I am chuffed to bits with my new physique. I had tried everything before meeting Gary and had worked with several other trainers. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to him for his perseverance and tireless energy. I really followed everything he told me to the letter, and as my shape started to change, I worked harder and harder. As a trainer, we often see clients get close to their goals and, for some reason, slack off. This is the point when you really need to push hard to achieve perfection. As Gary always says ‘You wouldn’t slack off when a new business finally starts producing dividends, would you?’

If you’re prepared to put the work in, then look no further than Gary for Body Transformation; he really is the best.
– Esin 

Will de Havilland, Millwall Football Club

photo1“Last year, I was a second-year scholar at Millwall FC and was in my last year of the scholarship.  I was fighting to gain a professional contract with the club. One of the targets that my coach had set me later on in the season was that I had to communicate more and be more demanding and dominant on the pitch with my communication. As a Christmas present, my brother had brought me 2 one to one sessions with Gary, each for an hour. Gary spoke at length with my brother to understand his perspective and also my Dad. He was very thorough with his approach, and reasoned that because we are such a close family, he should listen to all points of view. I spoke to Gary on the phone a few times and was eager to meet him and really excited to have the sessions. I told Gary what I wanted to achieve and after the 2 sessions I had with him, it was like I was a different man on the pitch. I went from having a great understanding of the game but couldn’t quite express it through my communication on the pitch, to a leader who was constantly commanding to the team throughout the whole game. Just one game after my sessions with Gary and the coaches had already noticed a change. Gary gave me lots of homework to do and contacted me weekly to monitor my progress. One of the things I was doing with his Sports Hypnosis coaching was visualisation techniques. At one point, I visualised myself scoring in the match the next day, and was astounded when I actually scored the winner. Considering my position is central defence, that is some achievement. I was made captain of the reserve side for all the remaining games of the season and went on to earn a professional contract at the club. Gary was keen for me to succeed and would always check up on how I was doing, even after I had finished my sessions. Well worth the money and I highly recommend his services to anyone…”– Will