Our bodies are our universe and, as we grow, we learn and evolve along the way. Our journey should be something that we are proud of and if I’m writing my own movie, I would like to think it is one worth watching. I’ve held on to that thought to create a life of health, balance and amazing experiences to learn, enjoy and share. Stretch your mind and accomplish something wonderful like climbing Kilimanjaro, an experience to inspire your family and friends and something you’ll treasure forever. Challenges like this define you and help you to grow; my next one is Iron man, what’s yours?

In my work I meet so many different people; every client I see is a unique individual that cannot be placed in a particular box. Using proven science and lifestyle methods, I help clients to get the very best results possible, moving them onto a happier, healthier and more balanced existence. Working with a CEO of a leading retail empire, she said to me after a couple of weeks, “the programme gives me so much energy, I get through my week totally on top of my game, and I’m no longer feeling stressed.” This feedback is what I’m looking for from all of my clients. I coach you to a new way of thinking that will ignite your energy levels so you get up every morning feeling great.

I am always emotionally invested in the people I work with and I meet so many people who are the victims of their own success. The accountant who was pushed into his career and is now stuck in it, a whole life built up from being the master of what you do, but totally out of love with life and feeling the burden of stress. Big house, perfect spouse, kids in private school, but secretly feeling unfulfilled and emotionally detached. If you can identify with this scenario then let us sit down and map out a path for you to make you feel alive, exhilarated and real.

My wellness programmes are designed for optimum health, very fast, safe weight loss, but as a byproduct, you will reduce your blood pressure, stress, joint pain, cholesterol and much more. You will also improve mental clarity, energy, mood, concentration and confidence, to name but a few pluses. I will work with you to improve your overall health that will have you feeling twenty years younger.

It’s all about opening up to the opportunity of health life balance and having the conviction to take that first step. Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks and adjustments that can bring about the biggest change.


DNA Practitioner/Sport: Certified

DNA Practitioner/Nutrition: Certified

Hypnotherapy/Counseling Diploma Queen Mary University

Master Personal Trainer Diploma: American College of Sports

Personal trainer Diploma: American College of Sports Medicine

Lifestyle Fitness Coach The Spencer Ellis Institute

Bio-Space, Bio-Impedance & Body-Composition

Body Combat Certified Birmingham University

Nike Sports Therapy Team

Schwinn Advanced Athletes Studio Cycle Award

RACC Advanced Personal Trainer Award 3+

RACC Yoga Meditation Diploma

RACC Pilates Diploma

Athletes Sports Science Analysis: Sports Dimensions Academy

Athletes Nutritional Analysis High-Field Institute

Body building Sculpting Accreditation High-Field Institute

Community Sports Leader Award

British Athletics conditioning coach Award 1-2


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What the Clients Say

“Since I started training with Gary I’ve been most surprised out how much more energy I have.  I initially thought I would feel more tired and was concerned about how I would cope”.– Suzie

Suzie Wong


“I’m loving my new body, feel absolutely fantastic.  I wish I had done this years ago”.– Jasmine


Mother of two

“Getting up before work to do exercise was daunting, and has put me off looking for a trainer for years.  I love being up at the crack of dawn now.  I’m actually surprised at how much more energised I feel throughout the day.  Once you get used to it’s easy”.– Geoff

Geoff Ridesdale


“I’m not a gym lover and avoided games p.e etc when I was a kid.  I absolutely love it now and I never thought I’d here myself say that.  I’ve had so many little niggles that have developed over the years (knees, back etc) and have been surprised how they have all dissipated over time”.– Carla

Carla Butters


“What I loved most about my training is the results obviously, but also the new hobbies it has brought into my life.  I now do regular bike events and am hooked on hot yoga.  I would never of found those hobbies if I hadn’t started with Physical Wellbeing”.– Martin


Script writer