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    We will help you to loose weight and be healthy using latest Scientific programmes, such as Genetic Testing,Gourmet Diet, In Body Scan, VO2 Max testing, Breathe by Breathe Analysis and others.

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  • DNA Diet Plan

    Physical Wellbeing Ltd are the only company to offer you a DNA swab test diet plan service. We can offer you two different Diet Plans.

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Client Testimonials

“Since I started training with Gary I’ve been most surprised out how much more energy I have.  I initially thought I would feel more tired and was concerned about how I would cope”.– Suzie

Suzie Wong


“I’m loving my new body, feel absolutely fantastic.  I wish I had done this years ago”.– Jasmine


Mother of two

“Getting up before work to do exercise was daunting, and has put me off looking for a trainer for years.  I love being up at the crack of dawn now.  I’m actually surprised at how much more energised I feel throughout the day.  Once you get used to it’s easy”.– Geoff

Geoff Ridesdale


“I’m not a gym lover and avoided games p.e etc when I was a kid.  I absolutely love it now and I never thought I’d here myself say that.  I’ve had so many little niggles that have developed over the years (knees, back etc) and have been surprised how they have all dissipated over time”.– Carla

Carla Butters


“What I loved most about my training is the results obviously, but also the new hobbies it has brought into my life.  I now do regular bike events and am hooked on hot yoga.  I would never of found those hobbies if I hadn’t started with Physical Wellbeing”.– Martin


Script writer

Breaking news on obesity!

DNA Diet Plan