Scientific Analysis


Genetic testing

In this groundbreaking testing protocol, a swab of your DNA will be sent away to the laboratory for nutrigenetic testing, where a panel of doctors, sports scientists and nutritionists will assess your body’s unique genetic code. The science laboratory panel is designed to assist nutrition practitioners by guiding the design of bespoke diet and exercise programmes, and guidance is based on genetic differences in macronutrient metabolism and exercise responses.

The test panel provides a foundation of macronutrient proportions upon which the nutrition professional can build a bespoke diet programme. The nutritional practitioner can modify the suggested diet plan to take non-genetic factors, such as food preferences (e.g. vegetarianism) or intolerances into account. The report also suggests an appropriate amount and intensity of physical activity, measured in METS (Metabolic Equivalent Tasks). Genetic testing can truly help you on your way to a fitter body and mind.

Gourmet Diet

We deliver an award-winning and deliciously convenient solution for time-starved individuals by offering freshly prepared and ethically sourced meals direct to your door. All of our meals are designed to achieve your health goals and allow you time to get on with the finer things in life.

  • All your daily meals and snacks in one package
  • Delivered to your door fresh every day
  • Proven weight loss, detox and maintenance programmes that deliver results
  • Ethical and natural ingredients for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

InBody Scan

Physical Wellbeing - Scientific Analysis

The InBody Analyser is a medically approved piece of equipment that is usually found in medical/sports facilities. At Physical Wellbeing, we are the only company to use this machine with clients on a fortnightly basis, to monitor how effective your diet/training plan is. We will adjust your plan according to results, which makes sure we waste no time in achieving optimum results.

Please check out our 50-second video, showing that the Human Performance Team at Porsche Racing use this with their drivers. Only the best is good enough for our clients, as we pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of Sports Science.

VO2 Max testing

Training at Your Correct Threshold Levels – Weight Loss – Heart Rate – Optimum Fitness.

When you need to measure performance…

From simple weight loss and fitness evaluation to cycle training to a 5K /10K run. Whether your focus is taking on the London Marathon or competing in a Triathlon, VO2 Max Testing is designed for clients who want to know the correct work rates at which to work for optimising peak performance at personal threshold levels.

VO2 Metabolic profiling identifies and places you in your correct personal training and fitness regime. Testing your resting metabolic rate, daily calorie requirement, heart rate, aerobic efficiency and anaerobic levels are ways to ensure maximum training effort equals optimised performance results.

VO2 For Weight Loss

Accurately assessing, recording and monitoring exact heart rates determines your right exercise regime for effective fat burning at personal ‘best’ levels.

VO2 For Running

Improving performance by assessing precise calorie requirements for optimum fuel supply and where your heart rate reaches your anaerobic threshold to increase aerobic capacity and efficiency. Training your body to burn fat as the desired source of fuel.

VO2 For Cycling

Sustaining your highest exercise intensity is important for long distance performance. VO2 Testing for monitoring improved heart rate, calorie burning and aerobic efficiency thresholds are critical factors within customised training programmes and ultimately, successful results.

Breath by Breath Analysis

This will allow us to measure your heart and lung functionality whilst exercising. We can then take the data and develop a computerised training plan for you to carry out with a heart rate monitor. This can either be done outside or on a fixed machine in the gym.


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