Regain Energy

Lacking the energy you once had? Start a life balance strategy that will turn the clock back!

InBody Analysis:

Unique to Physical Wellbeing Ltd, you will be scanned on a fortnightly basis to determine your metabolic rate, bone density, muscle gain, fat loss, edema and much more. This will prescribe the correct nutrition and exercise plan for you, bringing you optimum results in record time.

Breath by Breath Analysis:

Your cardiac and lung function will be measured regularly to determine how to improve cardio/respiratory function. The results are backed up with a specially devised plan to improve and measure against.

DNA Swab test:

A DNA swab test is taken to determine the right training and nutritional plan for you. The results will tell us if you are gluten/wheat/alcohol/caffeine or salt sensitive. They will also determine if you have the fat gene and what vitamins and minerals you are lacking. The diagnosis provides a scientifically developed blend of supplements made specifically for you to balance you medically and bring you into optimum health.

Toxicity Screen:

Our toxicity screening for free radicals and toxins is followed up by supplementation to bring down levels to a healthy range.  Free radicals are poisons and can be a precursor to cancer. This test is extremely important and should not be dismissed by anyone over the age of 35.

DNA food delivery:

Your DNA results provide the roadmap for the correct diet plan for your DNA makeup.  Our selected food company makes up your meals which are delivered to your place of work or home on a weekly basis. It is simple; we do all the work to make the programme easy to follow.


We are the only health and wellness company in London who can provide you with a scientifically proven brand of supplementation that will reverse your genetic code, reprogramming you to perform as you did in your youth. This will give you numerous health benefits including fast weight loss, healthier skin/nails, improved vital organ function and improved energy.

If you are serious about improving your health and turning back the clock, our programmes are designed to do just that.

Training Plans:

These are all scientifically created using the results and the health data, to give you a safe proven formula that will give you optimum results in record time. There is no programme like it! Developed to get you feeling up to 20 years younger with unlimited energy and stamina.

Subconscious Mind Coaching:

Once you discover how to align the conscious and the subconscious mind, you have the power to remove traits that no longer serve you, or are detrimental to success of your health/wellness programme.

This may include obsessive behaviour or compulsive behaviour, lack of self-esteem, over eating or drinking more than the weekly recommended safe levels of alcohol.