Red Carpet 6 Week Weight Loss Programme

10% body fat reduced in 6 weeks on this programme – let me show you the data, I have genuine examples!

Turn the clock back quickly with the ultimate weight loss programme designed to reprogramme your DNA.

When time is ticking and you have an event where you need to look your best, this is the programme for you.

This six week programme offers the highest level of science that the health industry has to offer.

The initial consultation reviews your current weight/fat, DNA, heart, lung function, toxicity levels and so much more to determine a very specific scientific programme that is tailored just for you to get quick results safely.

Physical Wellbeing Ltd is the only health organisation in the UK that offers this level of service. Using proven supplementation, we turn your DNA back by up to 20 years. Fat loss is quick, safe and real!

The nutrition meal plan is specific to your DNA results and proven to burn fat 2.5 times faster than a standard weight loss diet.

You need to act fast, call to book your consultation and get enrolled on the programme.