Have you ever watched a makeover programme and imaged what you would look like if you were given a total makeover?

Our makeover service is for clients going through the process of lifestyle change that comes with any of my metamorphic programmes.

I have been helping people to improve their health and fitness for many years and, organically, my services have evolved into offering counselling, advice and, more recently, the makeover, the ultimate step to becoming the new you.

I’m a specialist in health and fitness but I also have an extraordinary eye for style and I have worked alongside some amazingly wealthy and talented artists and professionals, learning what money can buy and how people transform from couch potatoes to superstars in as little as a few weeks for a red carpet event, therefore I’m well equipped to turn you around quickly so you are turning heads.

My red carpet secrets will provide you with the ultimate makeover.  I will evaluate your self-image to get an understanding of how you see yourself and how others see you before I start the process of the makeover.

Together we will embark on an incredible journey to develop your confidence and self-belief as we tackle the emotions and the challenges of your image.  This includes your hair and skin; you’ll already be on an improved diet and nutritional programme assisting you in this process.  I have a team of leading dentists to give you that confident smile you always dreamed of as well as a highly skilled makeup artist and a skin colour palette service so you can confidently wear colours that suit your tone of skin.  Finally, I will personally shop with you for a new wardrobe of clothes for every occasion imaginable in the finest world-class fashion empires.

You will feel like a totally new person, brimming with confidence in your up-to-date, style-conscious apparel.

This is a totally confidential service for those who really want to make a total transformation in their professional or social scene and is only available after consultation.  For more information on setting up a consultation, please call in or email your contact details here