Service Price
Single PT £100
Monthly PT x2 £90 (per week)
Single PT £145 (1.5 hrs)
Monthly x2 £120 (per week)
Sports Hypnosis £120
Couples PT £60 (each)
PNF Stretch £60
DNA Swab Test Ultimate £275
Biophonic Toxicity Test x2 £180
InBody Analysis/Consultation £180
Breath by Breath Analysis x2 £240
6 week food Delivery/InBody Scan £1400
Dynamic Functional Patterns: (Athletes) Please enquire
Ultimate Precision Programme: (Weight loss) Please enquire
Metabolic Boost Programme: (Kick Start) Please enquire
Top and Tail: TT Programme: (Body Transformation) Please enquire
The Wedding Day Programme: (Tailor Made) Please enquire
Group Training: (A Cheaper Option) Please enquire
Lifestyle Fitness Coaching: (Support) Please enquire
Home Gym Design: (Convenience) Please enquire


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