Premiership Footballers Programme

This service has been developed over years of working with Premiership footballers and members of the England squad who are not performing at their optimum potential.

Players can have any number of distractions that will affect their performance, for example relocation to a new club and culture can be challenging and unsettling. If you’re injured and being sidelined, your mindset can work against you and without the right support you may struggle to recover quickly.

Creating the right image within the industry is not simple and takes work. Your ethos and work ethic is constantly being monitored and, without foresight, you can find yourself slipping out of the first eleven. I’ll show you how to get there and stay there!

I provide a totally confidential support system that is outside of the club environment, keeping your personal circumstances private.

The programme includes subconscious mind coaching; giving you mental focus and clarity by removing inhibitions or emotional blocks resulting in better levels of play, heightening the potential to get chosen or be kept in the 1st team or chosen for your country, and subsequently increasing your earning power.

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