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Physical Wellbeing - Personal Trainer MayfairTo be a personal trainer situated in Mayfair is the equivalent of working on the stock market… you need to be at the top of your game to survive!

In Mayfair this luxurious, exclusive pocket of London you will find the finest personal trainers the capital has to offer. The competition is fierce amongst us and although some trainers may adopt the style of putting down the opposition, I would rather focus on telling you why you should train with me.

Being successful in any relationship is about two people having a good connection and a healthy respect for each other, the key to achieving your personal goals in training are to be able to discuss various aspects of your life with your trainer.

This is the foundation upon which together we will then battle any bad habits, examine your food intake and look at medical reasons that could be affecting your weight.

However, the most important part of any personal training is seeing results.  Each client that joins me will under take a breath by breath analysis to asses heart and lung function and body mass, throughout each session we will monitor progress and compare results from when you started.

I design every individual programme exclusively for my clients exact needs.

I also measure bone mass, metabolic rate, fat content and muscle mass segmentally to see where you are anatomically, adjusting the training programmes to work with your bodies changing form.

Each one of my clients  vary in required training methods, I have a huge range of techniques and circuits to keep both your body and mind in the zone when it comes to exercise.

I constantly change and redirect my approach to training in order to maintain progress with my clients and stay on top form within my industry.

My knowledge, understanding and experience in sports science is key to the successful results I can give you.
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