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Physical Wellbeing Ltd is the brainchild of Gary Ousby and the fitness and sports science company has been help change people’s lives through health and fitness for more than two decades now. Specialized in providing Personal Trainer in Marylebone services, we follow a holistic approach that takes into account all the factors to create a custom programme for you.


At Physical Wellbeing, we are the creators of the highly successful fitness programmes:


  • Ultimate Precision Body Transformation Programme
  • Dynamic Functional Patterns Athletes Programme


Our latest programme, Urban Conditioning is designed for professionals or individuals with hectic lifestyle to get into the best shape.


Personal Training Services


Our Personal Trainer in Marylebone can help you lose weight and achieve unprecedented muscle tone. Gary Ousby offers his personal trainer services to several clients, including some of the most well-known people in the London area. It doesn’t matter if you have a hectic schedule or if you are prone to lose interest in your fitness schedule, we offer customised programmes to suit your goals and time schedule.


You may have any goal:


  • Lose weight
  • Improve your physical performance (as an athlete or as a normal individual)
  • Become fit


Whatever you want to achieve with regard to your fitness goals, we provide the ideal support and training programme to achieve those goals.




As your Personal Trainer, we know how to unlock the factors in your mind and physical state to help motivate you for sustained dedication and performance. We have the expertise and skills in recognising behaviour patterns and help achieve health and fitness wellbeing.


Ultimate Precision Plan


Our Ultimate Precision Plan has been developed for everyone who is ready to sweat to get back into shape. There are three main parts to this programme:


1. Menu


We will create a safe and effective Detox and Weight loss plan that is customised to your lifestyle, health conditions and current nutritional plan.


2. Lifestyle Consultation


Thanks to Gary’s 20 years of experience as a successful Personal Trainer in Marylebone, we closely examine our client’s behavior patterns and find out ways for unlocking the techniques that can help you improve. Our services are focused entirely on helping you achieve total health and fitness levels and a positive sense of wellbeing.


3. Tools


We use state of the art medical-standard and accurate testing machines for measuring bodily functions. Such equipment is used only in medical research environments, but we use the technology to ensure that we deliver the best to our clients when it comes to improving their health and fitness levels.


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer that follows a scientific approach to health and wellbeing and helps you achieve your fitness goals, feel free to contact us now.
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