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Which of these are your goals ?

Physical Wellbeing - Personal Trainer LondonPersonal Trainer London – Gary Ousby will help you achieve the following: Weight lossSimply to Get Fit Enhanced PerformanceMuscle Tone. Gary has been a personal trainer in central London for over 18 years, providing personal trainer services to a large amount of clients including well known celebrities in around London helping them achieve their personal goals.

Think you haven’t got time or will lose interest? Based in or around London? My personalised Physical Wellbeing exercise and personal trainer programmes are created to fit in with your aims, objectives and time schedules.

Overcome obstacles and aim for realistic goals…

Whether you are in London and seek a personal trainer to lose weight, regain fitness or enhance personal performance, your aims are easily within your reach with the right support and decisive training.

Maintaining Motivation . Transforming Lifestyle . Supporting Guidance . Life Coaching – a personal trainer London will unlock hidden reasons and recognise behaviour patterns preventing break-through, transformation and achieving total health, fitness and sense of personal wellbeing.


Why go for a personal trainer in London?

The Ultimate Precision Plan!

The Physical Wellbeing Ultimate Precision Plan is designed for men or women in London who are prepared to work hard and fast for a short period of time – ideal for getting back into shape! The strategy is based on a simple THREE PART approach :

PART 1 Ultimate Precision Plan / Menu

A personal, customised and regular Detox/Cleansing And Weightloss Nutrition plan. Safe to use by both men and women.

PART 2 Ultimate Precision Plan / Lifestyle Consultation

A close look at behaviour patterns and how to unlock improvement techniques. Aimed at achieving total health, fitness and personal sense of wellbeing.

PART 3 Ultimate Precision Plan / Tools

Usually only available in medical facilities or university research departments. Both testing machines in London are medically approved and highly accurate instruments for measuring precise body functions.

Inbody Analyser – Segmental Analysis, includes changes in fat, metabolic rate, muscle mass and protein consumption.

VO2 Max Testing – Breath by Breath analysis used to measure cardiac and lung function when training to achieve optimum performance in weight-loss, sporting activities or personal training goals.
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