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A cornerstone of our business is undoubtedly sports science. We’ve spent 20 years researching sports science and applying that research in training, ensuring we get the very best results out of our tailored personal training programs.

Earlier this week I was invited to present about the importance of protein in the diet to a number of leading health & fitness publications at the prestigious “Edition Hotel” in London. Nutrition consultant, columnist and author Ian Marber also presented his findings on the benefits of protein which were very informative. It was great to meet Ian, Josh Moore of Men’s Health and also Hannah Emmerson of Tea & Cake PR who hosted the event on behalf of Muscle Milk.

About Protein

Proteins are found naturally in foods such as red meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese, yogurt and beans. We break them down into their amino acid components and then rebuild them into our body proteins.  This is called protein breakdown and then protein synthesis.

To build muscle, your body relies on adequate proteins being available, which means balancing your protein breakdown and protein intake. Scientists coined the phrase “protein balance” to describe this process.

In order to build muscle, it is imperative that in conjunction with weight training, you must have a positive protein balance, so you are taking on more protein than you are breaking down during a workout, which makes sense right?

During a workout your muscles begin protein breakdown, the body splits amino acids into energy or uses them to synthesise new protein. Immediately after a workout, your body needs to reverse that breakdown process in order to prevent a negative balance, otherwise you wouldn’t make any real gains in muscle mass! This window of opportunity for reversing the protein balance closes after roughly 20 minutes, so it’s very important that you take on extra protein straight after a workout. And this is where Muscle Milk come in to the equation.

Muscle Milk are one of the largest sports supplement companies in the world and they have a huge presence over in the US, with many leading sports professionals citing Muscle Milk as their choice of protein supplement.

When I got involved in Muscle Milk earlier this year I performed my own case study around their product and its capabilities using my in body scan facility. For those of you who aren’t aware of this procedure, the in body scan analyses changes in your metabolic rate, muscle mass and protein consumption. The results after my client took Muscle Milk were astounding, they appear to have the perfect blend of proteins, minerals and vitamins in their supplements to make a real difference to your work out, making sure you never dip into a negative protein balance after exercise and intelligently refuelling your muscles based on scientific research.

It’s early days for Muscle Milk in the UK, but over the next couple of years I predict you’ll see much more of their product range on show, as they have pledged to make protein supplements more accessible to the general public. The vision here is that everyday people will be able to purchase their products from super markets rather than having to buy online or from specialist supplement stores which aren’t nearly as commonplace as super markets.

Whether you’re simply riding your bike to work, playing 5-a-side football with friends or going for a quick jog in the evening, protein supplements are ideal for refuelling your body with the essential nutrients it so readily craves after a workout. In fact, there isn’t a single professional sports team out there that don’t encourage their players to drink protein supplements.


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