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I am a member of the NHS and have been using Weight Loss Hypnosis/NLP, Life Coaching and Sports Science to achieve remarkable results for the last 20yrs.

This makes me unique because I bring all these specialities to you in one weight loss hypnosis London package to make sure you receive the best service possible, therefore having an extremely high chance of attaining the results you desire.

It is not by chance that I have put together this skill set; it is with careful deliberation I have persevered to have all the necessary tools to get the job done.  I have been frustrated for my clients at times, as a weak link in the chain has let the side down (another therapist).

I have found once a client has built up a rapport with me, they quite rightly expect the same dedication from everyone.

I will assist you in removing blue prints you have probably adopted through parents or your peers and help you to pinpoint when behaviour patterns started and show you how to easily remove this unwanted baggage from your life.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – The Process:

People overeat for many reasons, many of which are emotional in nature.  These reasons are ruled by our subconscious and are employed as a means of reducing anxiety.

At some point we will have experienced a reduction of anxiety by eating chocolate or another food, usually high in sugar or fat: it then becomes a habit.
As we know the subconscious is a very strong force and will usually win when in conflict with the conscious mind.  This is the reason why people often do not succeed with willpower alone.  This is especially so if they do not understand the subconscious process going on within them.
This is where you need someone to help you identify these traits an assist you in making them obsolete.

The idea behind weight loss using hypnotherapy is that you alter your lifestyle to a healthier one and this becomes a habit, a way of life, instead of your previous more detrimental ways.  I will assist you in understanding your negative eating patterns, where you adopted them from, so effectively removing them forever.

We are all aware of the government guidelines and I find that most of you know what to do; you just simply need assistance in putting the pieces together.
This is a process and when in place is most effective in achieving the desired results.

My Take on Life:

I sell a product I passionately believe in, and that is quality of life.  I believe we are all entitled to happy existence and I do appreciate some of us start off with quite a poor hand but that shouldn’t mean that we accept it as our lot.
If something causes you continued discomfort in your life, then I feel you need to take it head on and remove it.  Make that decision and then to commit to making its removal your priority.
You need to mentally come to that point where you say enough is enough, it’s time for you to go Buster.
Doubtless there will be times when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up and that is where I come in.  I’m not great at quitting, once a challenge is set I make it my business to see it through to the end!
If you have come to that place in your life then I am here to take you on the most rewarding journey via weight loss hypnosis.  I look forward to hearing from you soon…


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