Crisis Management

This service has been developed over years of dealing with clients who have a particular issue with themselves or a family member that is causing distress in their lives.

Long term abuse can play havoc on wellbeing coupled with the fact that a sense of reality is removed from the day to day lives of individuals who have spiraled out of control, leaving them vulnerable and at risk.

People of all age groups who are stressed, lonely, isolated and misunderstood or with some form of mental health issue can easily become victim to self-harm through substances, alcohol or other approaches. Physical Wellbeing Limited working with a team of highly experienced professionals in crisis management can support the individual back to health and take over when family or friends can no longer manage the problem and need to seek professional help.

Should you have an issue or you are trying to cope with someone who needs a psychological and physical assessment, please contact me in the strictest of confidence. 

This is a totally private and confidential service and a NDA is signed at the initial consultation.