Health Coaching Celebrity Clients

Faye Tozer, English singer-songwriter, dancer and stage actress

Faye Tozer “I trained with Gary before a tour with Steps. There were a lot of dance routines and I wanted the right kind of energy/shape. Gary really seemed to understand what I needed and I was really pleased with the results. He also gave me some great routines to do while I was away. A really top trainer. 5*. “– Faye Tozer

Audley Harrison, Olympic Gold Medallist & Professional Boxer

Audley Harrison - Physical Wellbeing “I met Gary not long after I won an Olympic Gold medal for the heavyweight boxing division. His training was really unique and focused quite a bit on balance/agility/explosive power. I really enjoyed the training and felt the benefit from what we did. I can highly recommend it to any athlete!”– Audley Harrison

Martin Kemp, English actor

Martin Kemp “Gary is the only Personal Trainer in London that I use when I need to look good for a role in a movie. His results are guaranteed every time.”– Martin Kemp

Tristan Tunstall, professional mountain bike competitor

Tristan Tunstall “As a professional downhill mountain bike competitor, it is essential that I achieve and maintain peak physical and mental condition throughout the season. Gary is both scientific and dynamic, and keeps me on top of my game.”– Tristan Tunstall

Mark Ramprakash, professional cricketer

Mark Ramprakash - Physical Wellbeing “As a professional cricketer, it is important for me to stay in peak physical condition. I always use Gary’s personal training programme as a kick start to getting in shape for the new season.”– Mark Ramprakash

Tim De’Ath, England football team’s chef/nutritionist

Tim De'ath “As the England football team’s chef and nutritionist, I have worked with Gary on various projects over the years. He has a unique and professional approach, and always seems to find a way to achieve the desired results. I can highly recommend him if you are looking for a personal trainer in London.”– Tim De’Ath

Robert Shannon, actor

Robert Shannon “I first used Gary as a personal trainer in 2004, when he helped me get in shape for Colosseum, a movie in which I played the lead role as a gladiator. I not only had to look good but I had to be very fit for the fight scenes in this role. Gary got me in the best shape of my life and remains a dear friend.”– Robert Shannon