How to Get the Energy You Need for Your Next Workout

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Top and Tail TT Programmes - Physical Wellbeing

Here’s the problem, you have had a busy day with class, work, your family or any of the other daily chores that seem to sap your energy. Now, your day is over and it’s time to hit the gym. Where does the energy come from now? You’ve already used it throughout the day and even though that workout is going … Read More

Why You Need a Personal Trainer

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Woman with Personal Trainer in gym

People get in shape for a variety of reasons; either they want to lose weight for an upcoming wedding, they are training for a sporting event or they just want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whatever the reason, having a strong support structure is important. Sure you can go to the gym, try out some machines and feel … Read More

The Dangers of Bad Personal Training

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Physical Wellbeing - The Dangers of Bad Personal Training

One of the aspects of personal training that we take very seriously at Physical Wellbeing is safety. Whilst getting our clients fit and healthy is our long term goal – we lean on our extensive experience and sports science background to ensure this is delivered in the safest possible way. Someone I bumped into recently told me a real horror … Read More

Physical Wellbeing featured on Tesco Living

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Earlier this month Gary was featured as part of Tesco Living’s health & wellbeing articles. Gary’s vast experience in combating the effects of modern working life was called upon as he put together a series of six essential exercises for desk bound workers. 1. Stomach crunches on a ball Support your lumbar spine by strengthening the deepest of your abdominals … Read More

Presenting with Muscle Milk

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A cornerstone of our business is undoubtedly sports science. We’ve spent 20 years researching sports science and applying that research in training, ensuring we get the very best results out of our tailored personal training programs. Earlier this week I was invited to present about the importance of protein in the diet to a number of leading health & fitness … Read More

High Intensity Interval Training



High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an enhanced form of interval training. Intense bursts of activity are followed by a small period of rest or less intense activity. Sessions can last between 5 – 40 minutes and despite the short work out times, they provide excellent results. HIIT is efficient, burns more fat, increases metabolism and will dramatically improve your … Read More

Introducing Urban Conditioning


Weight Loss Expert

         Our Urban Conditioning programme is the result of years of research and feedback from our clients. We have listened and watched closely as the culture of London life has become a drain on health and wellbeing. People are working 12 hour shifts, often sat behind a computer with very little physical activity throughout the day. Did you know that … Read More