Body MOT Service

Our cars have regular checks and services to keep them running efficiently.  We only use premium fuel; keep the water tank topped up and keep an eye out for any signals or alerts to make sure our mechanics are running efficiently.

We are programmed to look after and maintain our cars because we do not want them to breakdown.  The reality is that we do not do the same for our bodies; we rely on our bodies to run and keep going without knowing what is going wrong.

Its only when the media covers topics on cancer or a well-known celebrity is struck down by this nasty disease do we cast our thoughts to how we treat our bodies.  However these thoughts are often too easily swept away to the back of our minds whilst we carry on with the notion that we’ll be ok; a couple of glasses of wine in the evening to deal with stress won’t do that much damage.  The occasion walk is good enough to keep my body trim, active and healthy.  The warning signs creep in, carrying excess weight, headaches, out of breath when climbing the stairs aches and pains but we often do nothing.

The Body MOT Service is designed to keep your health in check by knowing what’s happening with your body and dealing with any issues before a body warning sign turns into a serious health issue.

The MOT Service is carried out twice a year as a matter of priority to your health, we cover…

InBody Analysis:

Unique to Physical Wellbeing Ltd, you will be scanned to determine metabolic rate, bone density, muscle gain, fat loss, edema and much more.

Breath by Breath Analysis:

Your cardiac and lung function

DNA Swab test:

We will take a quick DNA swab test to determine the right training and nutritional plan for you.

Toxicity Screen:

We will screen you for free radicals and toxins


If anything serious needs investigating we have a team of specialist practitioners, the very best in the industry who work at the highest level in the UK on hand.

The Body MOT service is for those of you who want to know what is happening with their health, it is designed to give peace of mind.  Between each BMS we ask that you work with us to keep your health in check with our programmes    view more