Gary Ousby – Your Personal Health Guru


Your greatest asset is your health. It takes investment and commitment to reach its potential; but the demands of a busy life can see your wellbeing taking a back seat. In my twenty years in the business, I’ve seen too many hardworking people running themselves into the ground, disregarding their health and paying the price later in life.

That’s why I created Physical Wellbeing. To build lasting partnerships with people who want to lead healthier lives. I know that your time is valuable, so I won’t waste it with fad diets, pseudo-science or one size fits all ‘miracle cures’. Our sessions will be spent developing a whole-life plan which takes your unique personal circumstances into account from the very beginning. Together we’ll use my powerful, medically approved scanners to identify the areas you can focus on for the best possible results, and we’ll constantly adjust based on your progress.

This isn’t your average plan that only works while you’re with your trainer. Meeting regularly, we’ll develop a bespoke dietary plan which includes step-by-step recipes, and an exercise regime that fits your schedule. We’ll set balanced goals and check in with fortnightly in-body scans to ensure that you’re seeing the results you’re looking for in black and white.

My approach has changed lives from the red carpet, to the Premier League and even the royal family. I’m confident that I can help you make the most of your greatest asset too. If you’re ready to start a transformational journey; scientifically rigorous support that’s as unique as you are is just a phone call away.

Make that change today.

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